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Article: My Moroccan Rug supports Atlas Kinder

My Moroccan Rug supports Atlas Kinder

My Moroccan Rug supports Atlas Kinder

It is an honour and a real pleasure to work with Atlas Kinder ! We have met them recently and have been humbled and delighted to see how beautiful a human soul could be.

Hansjörg Huber the founder of @atlas_kinder promised himself that he would use his money to build homes for orphans and chose Morocco for this dream project.


We are happy to donate 1% of our sales to the Atlas Kinder association each year to build a village with houses and schools to welcome orphans (more than 20,000 each year in Morocco).

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Luzerner Zeitung x My Moroccan Rug

Luzerner Zeitung x My Moroccan Rug

The article:

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Moroccan rug weaver

Rugs like no other

Each My Moroccan Rug is entirely handmade which means no two will ever be the same.

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