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Article: How to take care of your rug

How to take care of your rug

How to take care of your rug

Our rugs are handcrafted to give you many beautiful years of use. Prompt treatment of spills, regular vacuuming and the rotation of any rugs in high traffic or sunlit areas will extend their life. See below for tips and advice on your rug care. 

When first vacuuming your rug, it will lose a little bit of wool from its surface. 
It is totally normal and will stop very quickly.

Hand Washing

Please wash your rug with soft soap only. The wool is a natural material and it should be treated gently.

In case of dirt stain you can use bicarbonate (baking soda) with water and brush your rug with a soft brush. You can also use Aleppo Soap, French soap (Savon de Marseille) or any other natural soap bar.
Rince the area with water and that’s it.

If the rug is really dirty you can wash it with a plenty of water.
You will need a lot of water, so please try to organize the washing on a terrace or outdoors.
Use plenty of water and add the soap. You can use wool soap or another soft soap.
Brush the rug with a soft brush and rince it with a lot of water.
Roll it one time to wring it and rince again with water.
Roll it again to wring it and open it to let it dry outside, on a sunny weather.
You have to consider that the wool will become really heavy and you should do it only during warm and sunny days.
Make sure that you will have 2 or 3 days of sunny day so the rug could completely dry.

How to keep the wool white

Once a year you can put the rug in a sunny place for few hours.
The ultra-violet make the wool bright and white.



Buying this rug empowers moroccan women and their work.
Thank you for helping them achieve their dreams.

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