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Berber Carpet Pink Design

Some may see this Moroccan rug as an expression of ancient art combined with a clearly contemporary design.

Others will see it as a unique piece due to the softness of its wool and its singular hue, bringing a reassuring aspect.

And finally, some will appreciate the play of straight lines that will enhance the perspective effect in your living space.

What is certain is that this Berber rug does not leave anyone indifferent.

You will also appreciate its ease of maintenance and its durability.


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Product Information :

This supersoft Beni M´Rirt is hand-woven with 100% high quality natural local sheep wool.

Being handcrafted, Each piece has distinctive, naturally occurring variations in shape, color, and feel that imbue uniqueness to each creation; distinguishing them from mass produced, industrial objects found everywhere.

Models & Designs have been registered to the INPI


Lead time delivery : 8 weeks